How to pay by transferWise (low fee)

Transferwise user's guidance

please learn some knowlege about transferwise from the videos

NO.1:Signing up and Making your first Transferwise as follows:

NO.2 Making a transfer:

(1) Remind Our recipient currency is only CNY(chinese money).
(2)please choose "personal" for this transfer
(3)please remember to transfer to someone else! Not for business!

 If you still have no idea how to pay,you can just do as follows steps:

1.Download an APP(Transfer wise) or go to the transferwise official website: please choose “personal”, sign up by your email and log in.please choose your currncy,and Fill in Money amount,pay attention to the recipient just gets Chinese money”CNY”,please choose"CNY",then click “Continue”

2.Choose”personal”.(please don’t choose “Business”)

3.Fill in your information(don’t choose “Business”),then continue...

4.Choose “someone else”.

5.Fill in the receiver’s information.

The following is Transferwise account information:

Full name: Liping Yao((no middle name) 

date of birth:February 22, 1967

street address:25# Hanhua West Road Hanjiang District


Province: Fujian

Country:  China

Zip/Postal code:351111

Email:  [email protected] (pls don't forget to put it!)

Bank name:Bank of China

Unionpay account:6217856400024291727(pls choose unionpay)


Purpose of transaction : General personal living expenses

NOTICE: Remind Our recipient currency is CNY(Chinese money),Our account just can accept CNY,Please convert your money into CNY.

After You Fulfill the payment, Please Email:[email protected] or Message to whatapp:+852 5981 3233 

When I confirm your payment successful,I will arrange the order for you as soon as possible.Your order will not be shipped until we receive payment clearly. 

If you don't know how to pay by the transfer wise,please contact us,we will give you some guidance.

The tracking number will be given you in 2-4 days.Thank you very much!Happy shopping!